Spotlight: ' Ziyech ignores phone calls Moroccan Football Federation, still not reported in Agadir '

Football-loving Morocco can get ready for a new twist in the soap that persists for months now.

Some media sources in Morocco report based on sources within the Moroccan Football Federation that Hakim Ziyech recent days of calls from members of the FRMF has ignored. It was going to be bubbles, among other things, the team manager on practical matters as flight times and reception at the airport of Agadir. It has, therefore, appear that the earlier post of the Telegraph on truth seems to be based.

Earlier, the President of the Moroccan Football Federation know other measures to solve this problem, denoting the possible absence of Ziyech during this training camp. Lekjaa took personal contact Ziyech after the notice of the Telegraph, in the interview with Hespress he left for unclear reason in the Middle what Ziyech itself over whether or not his presence had announced.

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