Wilders thanks for seat European Parliament

Geert Wilders does not take a seat in the European Parliament.

The Electoral Council appointed the PVV leader this week as a member of the EU Parliament, but there he will thank for, if you are prompted to leave a party spokesman Friday know.

There is a place vacant because Vicky M recently took place in the lower House. As a dual mandate is not allowed, she had to cancel her membership of the European Parliament. Wilders has the right to the seat because he is in the European elections of 2014 as lijstduwer most preference votes. He has already twice before thanks.

As planned will the Hague Councillor André Eaton (57), a former policeman who previously sat in the House of representatives, the vacant position in the European PVV group soon. That counts then again four members. "Congratulations André Eaton with your seat in the European Parliament as a successor of Vicky M. Give them all a lot of cotton there ", Wilders tweeted Friday.

Wilders is that a dual mandate. Summary proceedings that he instituted in 2014 at the European Court of Justice, however, ran to nothing.

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