773 troggelt Vodafone phones off wife

A woman who at Vodafone 773 phones had decreased without paying, is Friday by the Court sentenced to eight months ' imprisonment, of which four conditional.

A man who bought the phones for his phone shop and got resold, again because of healing 12 months, five of which are conditional.

The 44-year-old woman from Nijmegen ordered the subscriptions with free phones in over a year time. She used different names, addresses and identity numbers.

According to the Court, the man in the phone shop that the woman had ripped off Vodafone. With selling the devices made this 28-year-old citizen to have about 60,000 euro profit. He must repay this amount to the State.

The Prosecutor had earlier demanded a sentence of eleven months against both. However, the guy got a higher penalty because he is a professional seller and by him it is expected to trade fair, according to the Court. At the punishment of the woman takes into account personal circumstances.