Morocco rolls out new terrorist cell in province of Nador, Denise and Martil

A new terrorist cell made up of at least four people in the province of Nador, Denise and today is rolled up in Martil.

The terrorist cell was dismantled by the Moroccan security service BCIJ, reported a statement by the Ministry of the Interior. It stated that this cell of four persons. Three of them were today arrested during a police operation which was carried out early this morning. The cell was operating in the North of Morocco, in the cities of Bouifrour and Bni Bni Nsar in the province of Nador, Denise and Martil.

According to the first elements of the research shows that the defendants glorifying terrorism and propaganda of the barbaric acts that are committed by Daesh.

They were also in contact with fighters of the terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq, making them Daesh skills in the manufacture of explosive devices could acquire. The statement explained that the four people had plans for terrorist operations on the Moroccan territory focused on sensitive and tourist destinations in the hope to be able to cause maximum damage and casualties. The cell would also plan to carry out murders on personalities.

In the arrest of the defendants were various electronic equipment, ammo and Daesh-objects and banners seized.