Minister of Interior: Al Hoceima's development projects are no ' periodic comments '

The Home Secretary Pradeep Laftit has stated that the current presentation of the ministerial delegation with organisations and residents of Al Hoceima not only a ' periodic response ' is but a continuation of sustainable development efforts.

Meetings with the inhabitants of the city of Al Hoceima and find different organisations since last Monday since the arrival of the ministerial delegation to Al Hoceima, reports Moroccoworldnews. Laftit, who reiterated that the trip of the delegation to the city follows after "Royal instructions", said that the development projects not only a "periodic response".

"The State considers the development of the area as a strategic issue and not as a periodic response", said Laftit. "And the efforts of the Government are serious."

Laftit has the authorities called upon to endorse the policy of dialogue, in line with the vision of the King. He added that King Mohammed VI gives the area a "special position" and that he always has supported development projects.

The Minister has also talked about the goals of the visit of the delegation to the northern city, which stated that "the interaction with the needs of the residents and finding practical solutions" high among the priorities of the delegation is.

Laftit stressed that the visit of the delegation extends to all regions of the northern part of Morocco and that they have developed a strategy that meets the needs of the inhabitants of the northern city of Nador.

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