DHL opens new sorting centre in Tangier

DHL is strengthening in the Moroccan Kingdom.

The international courier company has just 10 million dirham invested in a new sorting centre in Tangier, L'Economist newspaper reports

"The latest acquisition of DHL extends over more than 1100 m2 in the area of the airport Ibn Battouta airport. It features sophisticated ways of control, including two x-ray scanners, in addition to the equipment which is in perfect conformity with the current international standards ".

According to the newspaper the Center needed an investment volume of 10 million dirham. The aim of the new Centre is to promote the export trade and to contribute to the economic development of the northern region.

This second centre in the Kingdom should reach a processing capacity which ultimately reached 120 tonnes per day. This would facilitate the transfer of goods and the costs and lead time to and from the free zones must decrease.

"The new unit thus marks a new step in the approach of the enterprise, whereby companies benefit from the import-export services to support by the region where aeronautics, electronics and automotive production play an important role".

The platform is operational for the treatment of all incoming and outgoing flows that are controlled via the DHL plane with a capacity of 60 tonnes. This ensures that from Monday to Friday of Tangier and the region with more than 220 countries.

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