First tropical day by 2017 is a fact

The first country-wide tropical day of the year is a fact and that then, of course, exactly on the first day of Ramadan!

The mercury rose to 15.30 hours in De Bilt above 30 degrees, according to Weather online. The counter gave 30.1 degrees, narrowly enough.

The last time the in De Bilt tropical warm, was on september 14, 2016. When we experienced a record late tropical day.

Regional was on 17 may all the tropical border of 30 degrees. Weather station Volkel had the scoop, but later in the afternoon followed Hoek van Holland, Ell (Limburg), Eindhoven and Gilze-Rijen. In De Bilt was then 28.2 degrees. This day also went the books as the warmest 17 may ever recorded.

Is normal in early July until the first official tropical day. The earliest official tropical day ever measured was on 9 May 1976.