Digital advertising market: a market of 300 million dirham in Morocco

A recent study has shown that 9 in 10 young Moroccans believe that the internet plays an important role in their decision making. The internet now owns 10% of the Moroccan advertising market.

How can brands reach young Moroccans born after 1995? That question was at the heart of a recent study of 300 young people from ' K Millward Brown Morocco '. The main results are summarized in an article published in the daily journal Les Eco.

The survey shows that nearly 80% of the Moroccans, born after 1995 (generation Z), a positive opinion on advertising on the internet. Nine out of ten young Moroccans are of the opinion that the internet plays a role in the decision making of a purchase and 82% of them have preferred to this digital channel on another channel.

According to experts, the global digital advertising budget in 2016 rose to 700 trillion. In Morocco, this amount is estimated between 200 and 300 million dirham, and that means that the web something less than 10% of the Moroccan advertising market.

Kantar's data also show a 30% increase in brands that communicate via advertising. It is clear that consumers are not able to track the growth of brands that want to create a reputation.

Finally, the data to that with respect to time spent watching advertising messages, 72% of consumers so-called zappers are, 32% used advertising blockers and 68% does not look at the ads.