Research Group delves into the life of the very tough Moroccan Nomad women

A section of the population in Morocco where we know very little, completely separate from the outside world.

A group where we barely hear or see what's recently received a face by a research group that spent a few days with them. Titled ' caravan ' Anazur is the life of a Moroccan nomads group, for the most part consisting of women, illustrated. One of the most bold quotes from the initiative of solidarity movements from the South of Morocco was, "if my child gets sick, what disease whatsoever, then he dies. Places we don't get in the public hospitals ".

In the report of the research group is well clear how big the shortage of basic necessities is in this nomadic tribes. In the daily life of these strains are nearly drawing lines to the daily routine of hunters and collectors in the past. After very early wait a very tough day for the following day by one, then pulls the mountain regions of Tinghir in to look for food and water. Trips that can last for hours.

Despite these severe conditions see the tribesmen of this way of life. In a statement in front of the Moroccan medium Morocco World News they know that they have a certain identity and which certainly don't want to lose or renounce. They do, however, advocate for better living conditions in the areas of health care, education, nutrition and sanitation.

Anazur caravan what freely translated from the Berbers hope means, is for the researchers to give sufficient reason for this topic more attention in both public opinion and politics. In consultation with local and higher authorities to seek solutions to these small communities will assist.

anazur caravan