Protectors of Muslim women stabbed to death

A 35-year-old man has in a commuter train in Portland, Oregon, two passengers stabbed to death and another injured.

The three tried to dissuade him a few suspected Muslim women to bother any longer. The police made Saturday announced that the knives tractor, which the night before could be arrested soon after the stabbing, a previously convicted felon from the city.

The perpetrator in the train suddenly started shouting racist and religious insults to the women, one of whom wore a headscarf. When three witnesses in the coupé intervened wanted to come, they had to suffer it myself. One died on the spot, a second later in the hospital. The beleaguered women had the train already left before police arrived. They are still wanted to make a statement.

The police did not say what the suspect on his criminal record. A local newspaper reported that he had previously guilty of theft, kidnapping and weapons offenses.

muslim women
stabbed to death