3-piece set: ' Tijs and ramadan '

EO-presenter Tijs van den Brink is the next month talking to Dutch Muslims.

In ' Tijs and ramadan ' is Tijs by an online panel of 100 people if he controlled during ramadan in the world dives of his Muslim compatriots. So he will stay several days at a Dutch Muslim family to join them to fasting and Eid al-Fitr. Follow via internet the 100 Dutch Tijs on foot and sending him with their questions, comments and comment further on path.

"From an investigation that the EO in 2014 did, shows that 8 out of 10 indigenous Dutch people little or no contact with Muslims. That goes for me too, "said Tijs. "Outside my work I meet little Muslims. Yet live a million Islamic believers in Netherlands. I therefore find it very sensible to the conversation with them really. So you learn to know and understand each other better. High time to get out of my own bubble. "

In his journalistic discovery is Tijs controlled by an online panel of 100 Dutch people who have little or no contact with Muslims. While making this tv project they look and give them what they want to see answered questions. At other times they determine who Tijs are going to meet. Or they react to calls that Tijs. Tijs: "Internet and television result here really together. It is a unique form of crowdsourcing where the input of the online-panel directly affects the content of the programme. That makes this project more exciting and interesting to make. "

With the Islamic family as new, temporary home to is Tijs van den Brink by the panel sent to go over questions and issues that the panel members. How thinking about non-Muslims or idolaters? How to watch Muslims against the Dutch society and their own position in it? And what they find the fear of extremist expressions within Islam?

tijs van den brink