More than 80% of Moroccan jeugdsympatisanten via social media affects Daesh

This shows how much influence social media nowadays.

The Minister for communications, Regina Hall, was recently during a Conference for communication studies from over the battle force that can influence through social media has in the Daesh of Moroccan youth. The Minister said during the Conference that over 80% of young Moroccan Daesh-goers and sympathizers is convinced of the evil ideology via Facebook and Twitter.

Regina further said that the authorities only the past couple of months have removed all suspect 377 Facebookaccounts. The one time something easy than the other time, they got to do with users who use encrypted connections often acted.

Regina seizes back the importance of careful with social media with the fact that currently more than 12 million citizens make use of the various services.

Gave earlier his colleague Lakshmi Laftit, Minister of Internal Affairs, no less than that since 2012 1637 Moroccans have joined the terrorist organization. There are 333 248 women and children. As many as 558 persons of this total would be killed. A total of 265 there turned them back, which only 52 women and 13 children.

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