King Mohammed VI launches Ramadan 1438 operation and opens rehab in FES

As a matter of course remains the involvement of Loning Mohammed VI also during the Holy fasting month of Ramadan in size.

King Mohammed VI in Fez yesterday officially gave the starting signal of Ramadan 1438 operation, a project forming part of the Mohammed VI Foundation for solidarity. This operation, by the involvement of the sovereign and of various ministries, more than 400,000 citizens in during this holy month. In the form of food packages and other basic necessities of life for the less fortunate in more difficult-to-reach areas as one tries to contribute.

This go-ahead knew the presence of various leading and involved persons of the different ministries. The total amount allocated for this operation is such a 55 million dirham, thus different Moroccan sources.

Following the opening of various other branches in the country as in Casablanca, Rabat, Oujda, Nador and Marrakech was also in FES such a centre opened. This Centre, which has cost a total of 5.5 million dirham, in a sustainable manner should contribute to further supporting addicts in the region. Apart from a medical function has the Leisure Centre sections for the patients, among other things to a Sports Hall and a library.

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