Amsterdam does promise to sick Mayor (video)

In a film that has appeared today, do Locals a promise to their seriously ill Mayor Eberhard van der Laan.

Production house Wefilm made the short film, after the Mayor announced that he has lung cancer. Known and unknown to the word come thirty inhabitants of the capital.

So promises sovereign that the fields of Soccer Association AVV Swift on the Olympia square always soccer fields will continue. Taco Dibbits Museum Director says that he every Amsterdammer and each visitor remains convinced of the importance of art.

The makers say they have no cliché ' thanks '-or ' wanted to make sterkte'-video and stress that they want to take the movie with no goodbye. It had to be a message that really came from the people, something you have to think before you say it, they tell on their website. Van der Laan does not like to be in the spotlight. "He just wants above all that his promises for the city succeed." Hence Wefilm Amsterdammers has asked to do a promise to the Mayor and to his city.

The initiative for the short film came from researcher Fem Verbeek and Claudio de Oliveira Marques took the direction in itself. They invite everyone who wants this out also a promise to do so.

The movie is shown here:

[video = youtube; 3vPh3dQZoK4] v = 3vPh3dQZoK4 [/video]

eberhard van der laan