A healthy ramadan, some tips and tricks!

In this article some tips that will contribute to a healthy fasting month.

As soon as the sun sets and Maghrib prayers, soon cold cola drink to thirst. Then follow the spring rolls, puff pastry snacks, and a slice of pizza because that also looks nice. Next, it's time for harira with a mark, place enough, the stomach has quite the day anyway nothing to. After the harira maybe another filled batbot roll?

Your body gets hit hard by some of the less healthy eating habits in ramadan, this is expressed in stomach acid, poor bowel movement and feel yourself lifeless. So what tips that hopefully will contribute to a healthy fasting month.

1. Disconnect your fasting with dates. By eating dates is your blood glucose value is restored and the digestive system. Also you get there energy from.

"The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) was just to his fasting for praying (of the maghreb prayer) with fresh dates. If that weren't there with dried dates and if that weren't there with a few mouths full of water "

2. in addition to food is also an important point of attention sufficient moisture during the month of ramadan. Try to get at least 2 liters of fluid within. Try not to drink too fast and do not drink water in one breath but drink in two or three sips, this is what the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) has recommended.

Science has also shown that if one drinks too much at one time can be dizzy and headache can get. Try to drink despite the great thirst therefore quiet so your body can absorb the water calm. Choose especially for water and tea, soft drinks and ice cold drinks to avoid stomach upset.

3. eat fruit. The body has quite the day to no vitamins and fruit is packed full of vitamins that your body with energy. You can vary by fruit shakes, fruit in a bowl to mix yogurt or a fruit salad to eat.

4. Eat plenty of vegetables, potatoes and legumes, these too are a source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Which in turn improves your health.

5. try white flour products and pasta to cut down or replace them with fiber-rich products. Take, for example, Brown or whole grain bread, brown rice and whole wheat pasta. These are full of fiber and provide longer for a saturated feeling making you less likely to get hungry.

6. Shebakia and other sweets are delicious, but try to eat them in moderation. Also deep fried dishes are not very nutritious and contain a lot of oil. Try high calorie and fat dishes not too often to eat so you reduce the chance of stomach and intestinal complaints.

7. Don't eat too fast. There is scientific research emerged that it was about 20 minutes before the body's signal to the brain that it is full. Quiet eating also helps you to improve your digestion.

8. don't forget to lock your alarm clock not to put for suhur, the is important while the morning meal a light meal or breakfast. This provides the necessary energy that your body needs during the day.

A ramadan mubarak!