Algerian man arrested at demonstration in Nador

The police authorities in the city have arrested an Algerian citizen yesterday Nador a protest March in the city filmed using an ultra-advanced camera.

Elements of the police in Nador arrested an Algerian citizen living in the middle of a demonstration they said was small and the events filmed. According to sources at le360 gave the man that he is correspondent of the Algerian newspaper El Watan report for which he concentrated from the events in the reefarea.

But the man has no permission or received accreditation by the Ministry of communications with which he can serve as a journalist in Morocco.

The man was placed in police custody on the orders of the public prosecutor. An investigation was opened into the motives of its presence in Morocco and the nature of its activities. Partly because it was determined that he was staying at one of the activists in Nador in Morocco while he was at entry (via Mohammed V airport in Casablanca) had indicated in a hotel in Casablanca.