Bomb threat at Royal Air Maroc plane in Montpellier

The French security services prevented today around noon the departure of a Royal Air Maroc plane, after a warning about the presence of explosive devices on board the aircraft.

A plane of the national carrier Royal Air Maroc was grounded for several hours today on the Montpellier airport because of a bomb threat, reports le360 just now. They expressed that the plane was preparing to leave for Casablanca, but was by French security officials.

The French authorities had received a warning about the presence of explosive devices in a plane of Montpellier to a Maghreb country. At that time it was the only flight that to this description, the ' AT 795 ' by Royal Air Maroc, which was scheduled for departure to 12:25 hours (local time).

The 58 passengers were evacuated from the aircraft and the police, accompanied by sniffer dogs, scoured the plane, said sources to le360.

They pointed out also that there is no explosive device was found. Eventually the plane with some hours delay happy anyway to Casablanca.

There is an investigation to identify the reporter of this fake warning.

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