Casablanca: 15 people blocking tram line in protest at ramadan timetable

15 people yesterday blocked the tram line in Hay Mohmmadi in Casablanca in protest against the new timetable introduced for ramadan.

The action stopped traffic in both directions, making trams were delayed two hours and tens of thousands of commuters were affected.

The police later removed the protesters, and the trams resumed their service, reports Moroccoworldnews.

Casa Tram strongly condemned the behavior of the protesters in a statement to H24info. The actions of the demonstrators were "an unacceptable obstacle to the proper functioning of the tram and endangered the physical safety of numerous people".

Follow the trams of Casablanca since 2013, like all other TCSP-networks in Morocco, ramadan-specific timetables.

During the holy month of Ramadan, the first trams in Casablanca to 5.30 6.30 hours instead of hours, and trams stop for 1 hour during the iftar. The train traffic in Morocco has in ramadan a custom schedule.