Diabetes screening campaign for 5000 people organized in Ramadan

A blood glucose screening campaign, titled ' Raht Al ball ', is organized in Marrakech during the month of Ramadan by the development and Solidarity Association without borders (ADSSF) in collaboration with Diabetes Africa.

The campaign will provide 5000 people a screening and is specifically aimed at the elderly, at-risk groups and poor people, gives huffpostmaghreb.

The campaign aims to raise public awareness of the risks that are caused by this disease. In Morocco, more than two million people have diabetes.

"Diabetes is a creeping disease in Morocco, many people do not know they have diabetes until their situation is deteriorating," said Fatiha El Houdzi, President of ADSSF.

Diabetes kills slowly, through the blood vessels of the kidneys, eyes and nerves. It may therefore have devastating effects, such as kidney failure or blindness in untreated persons

Fatiha El Houdzi insists that people who are overweight, older than 40 years or who have a genetic predisposition, should be the first to undergo a screening because their risk of diabetes is higher.

The free blood sugar screening, which is done on an empty stomach, is performed during the month of Ramadan and starts every day from 13:00 hours in the medical laboratory of Dar Al Bir as well as in the Hospital of Marrakech.