Moroccan solar power plant ' Noor ' receives prize of African development bank

The Moroccan solar power plant ' United ' in Ouarzazate won the ' 2017 Africa Development Impact ' price in the field of energy during the annual meeting of the African development bank (AfDB) held in India.

A statement by the organizers said that the complex "Noor Ouarzazate" has won this award in the category "lighting and energy in Africa", with a view on the contribution of the Moroccan project for the development of the area by use of renewable energy sources and its role in reducing Africa's dependence on carbon.

The prize was awarded to Mohamed El Ghalbzouri, Deputy Director of the Ministry of finance, in a ceremony which was also attended by the Moroccan Ambassador in New Delhi, Mohamed M, reports Medias24.

During this five-day event were Moroccan projects nominated for three of the five awards at a high level, for which 22 candidates from different countries of the hemisphere were nominated.

The African development bank (AfDB) had a group of experts appointed to the possibilities and characteristics of the projects, who were eligible for a prize in the five selected categories, assess and investigate.

These prices were assigned to jobs that lead to a change in the life of the population and have influenced the development of the African continent.

India was for the first time in history, host of the annual meeting of the African development bank.

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