Wilders and Asscher collide in ' kindergarten '

VVD leader Mark Rutte see, even though informateur Edith SCHIPPERS thrown in the towel, still four possibilities to form a new majority government.

None of those combinations makes the PVV part, much to the anger of PVV leader Geert Wilders.

In the debate Tuesday on how to proceed with the stalled formation of enter Wilders against the parties that rule out cooperation with his "twenty Heroes" and spoke of "a nursery". The PVV leader also used the offending term ' nepparlement ' again.

PvdA-leader Lodewijk Asscher rebounded the ball back and asked Walker if he behaves himself not as a toddler by after attacks such as those of recently in Manchester to attack Prime Minister Rutte. According to Asscher are twenty PVV MPs in the House of representatives earlier "Heroes on socks".