New safer gas cylinders on the market in Morocco

For several days there in Morocco new gas cylinders on the market that are made from plastic and fitted with a safety valve.

The new gas cylinders are transparent and allow the consumer to the actual amount of gas they contain.

"This is the best way to prevail on the market to combat cheating what" says a seller against le360.

"But the most important thing", he assures, "is that they are safe and be able to households to save unpleasant surprises thanks to the good security they have".

The price of your purchase of the gas cylinder is set at 330 dirhams, replenishing costs 40 dirham.

With regard to efficiency and safety, they have proved their worth, but consumers still not in great numbers this new gas cylinders.

"This is probably a communication problem, but we are counting on the word-of-mouth effect to reach as many people as possible and hope to replace all the old gas cylinders".

gas bottle