Online car seller Tanger light 200 victims on, nabbed by authorities

The cybertak of the police knew the offender to figure out who got with many down payments.

In a very remarkable way made a 38-year-old man from Tangier over 200 victims. The suspect in question, posing as online car dealer, knew surreptitiously many deposits of potential car buyers, the Moroccan press to medium Al Akhbar today. The total amount when captured amounts to around 180,000 dirham.

On highly refined way, he hit his battle. By means of a self mounted website he drew his victims, and there were a total of 278 prepayments done. Ranging from a few hundred up to 7000 dirham dirham at one time. Since the suspect openly acted it was not hard for you to be able to figure out its place of residence, this was also what the authorities in Tanger recently did.

The matter is currently still under investigation, also to the exact extent of his activities.