Statistics: Casablanca on place 5 of the world's most populous cities

Not so crazy with a population density of 14,200 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Casablanca is one of the eye catchers of our country, both on the economic front as the fact that it is simply a large part of the population. Based on these factors, among others, the World Economic Forum recently did a short research on the population density of many metropolises and it operated a rank list of the most densely populated cities. Not very surprising also made Casablanca part of this list, the city finished in 5th place.

Another given what roles came as a result from the research was how the population generally divided on a country. To what is now known, lives just over half the world's population in urban areas. The United Nations reports predict a rate of 66% by 2050.

1. Dhaka (Bangladesh): 44,500 inhabitants per square kilometer
2. Mumbai (India): 31,700 inhabitants per square kilometer
3. Medellin (Colombia): 19,700 inhabitants per square kilometer
4. Manila (Philippines) : 14,800 inhabitants per square kilometer
5. Casablanca (Morocco): 14,200 inhabitants per square kilometer

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