Brothers Amrabat: ' hope for a good match, we go for the victory ' (video)

They look both forward, even more beautiful is when they both play at the same time!

You see it rarely, and not at all often at the Moroccan team, 2 brothers, living side by side. After Sofyan and Nordin Amrabat previously together in the selection sat for the friendly against Uruguay (ed. 0-1 loss in March 2015), it was only Amrabat SR. those minutes if. A few years later would it just be that they both within the lines are on behalf of the v Atlas Lions. Sofyan was during the last game of the team of Ra in the base against the Tunisian people (ed. 1-0 profit).

Fox Sports who also broadcast the contest go tonight on channel 1 for subscribers, seized the opportunity and interviewed the brothers short.

[video = youtube; G5h-gMgXxzU] v = G5h-gMgXxzU [/video]

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