European Council takes negotiating mandate for Morocco-EU-agriculture agreement

The European Council has adopted the negotiating mandate on 29 may for the amendment of the agricultural protocols between Morocco and the EU.

This announcement of the mandate brings the amendment of the agricultural protocols one step closer, reports Moroccoworldnews.

According to a member of the European external action service (EEAS) is "the path open for negotiations" and the only thing left to do, is to determine the date and place of the first negotiating session.

This is an important update, since the previous negotiations between Morocco and the EU over the agreement on agriculture were stopped by an ongoing disagreement. This was specifically about the decision of the European Court of Justice decided in december 2016 that every agreement that closer ties or more trade between Morocco and the EU, the Sahara region would not be able to include.

Economic relations between the European Union and Morocco are historically strong. The EU sees Morocco as a bridge to Africa and as a major economic market. The relationship is mutual and Europe is also an important market for Morocco.

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