Al Hoceima: 15 protesters released

The Prosecutor of the Court in Al Hoceima (Mohamed Aqwir) has 15 of the 40 detained decided to release protesters who were arrested after the demonstrations in Al Hoceima.

Of the other 25 protesters one prisoner who has a serious disease will be temporarily released.

"The public prosecutor of the Court in Al Hoceima today gave a favourable opinion in favor of this one detainee who is under 25 of the 40 protesters who have been arrested after demonstrations in Al Hoceima," reported the Ministry of Justice today. The protesters are accused of violence, disruption and destruction of public and private property.

"To allow him to look after themselves, the defendant in the prison of the city is maintained, this Wednesday evening or Thursday at the latest to be sent home," said the source.

In the Group of 40 protesters who were arrested in the first place, there will be 25. The other 15 are released for lack of evidence, said the Ministry of Justice. In the Group of 25 protesters are 7 people persecuted in a provisional release, while one minor for a juvenile judge.

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