Nurses threaten to paralyze hospitals in Morocco

Moroccan nurses threaten a 78-hour strike from 5 June to keep those hospitals will lay flat.

After several failed attempts to have a dialogue with the supervisory authority in the nurses decided to lay down their work in different cities in Morocco. There is a 78-hour strike scheduled from June 5, the Arab newspaper Al Massae.

In the list of demands is, among other things, the opening of a serious and constructive dialogue with the Ministry of Hamlyn El Suardi, the Minister of health.  The nurses have also called for the immediate application of the procedure for recognition of foreign degrees. There has long been a problem at the level of the former diploma of nursing Bac + 3. The Ministry of health acknowledges it as equivalent.

The nurses had previously been two sit-ins held and are not going to stop. They hold fast to their requirements.