Syrian opposition leader asks King Mohammed VI for help (video)

In a Youtube video called Fahad Al-Masri King Mohammed VI on to the small group of Syrian refugees to help that are stuck on the border between Morocco and Algeria.

In the video is the leader of the Syrian National Salvation Front that Morocco's King calls for "on the occasion of the month of Ramadan" to help the approximately 55 Syrian refugees on the Moroccan-Algerian border are stranded. The Group of refugees consists of 41 Syrians from Homs and 14 Kurds (20 in total of which 2 pregnant women and 22 children). They are there for more than 40 days.

Opposition leader Al-Masri recommends that the refugees enter Moroccan soil with the goal to be transferred to a camp in Jordan or Turkey.

[video = youtube; eoK9RfbIXig] v = eoK9RfbIXig [/video]

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