Rector: be serious injuries by bus crash

By the bus accident in France, with fifty students are involved, are some seriously wounded.

According to rector George Vasquez of the Havering College College is there no one in mortal danger, he said Thursday at a press conference

The bus is according to the rector presumably at high speed on a truck clashed. The students in the front of the bus have the worst injuries sustained, says Vasquez. It is not clear whether all the students wore their belt.

The Havering College College has sent a medical team to France to assist students and teachers. There is also a bus en route to repatriate the children. A number of parents is already traveled on their own to pick up their children.

The pupils, all from mavo-3, were on their way to London for a tour. Two parents are immediately after they had been informed of the accident jumped in the car. They were all around 08.00 hours in Calais. Some of the pupils is taken care of in a nearby school.

The Havering College College has Thursday morning by telephone as much as possible parents informed about the accident.

Thursday morning would be another group with mavo-3-students go on excursions to Cologne. This trip has been cancelled. This bus has since been in Calais to the pupils to bring home. Two executives and the care coordinator of the Havering College College are also arrived in Calais.

At the school in Geldrop are employees of victim assistance, social work and child welfare.

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