Casablanca: death penalty for gardener who murdered couple

The Court in Casablanca convicted the gardener of the Moroccan Jewish couple to death.

The ruling that was initially ruled against the gardener called Mustapha r., became at the appeal. The 51-year-old gardener was sentenced to death. He was tried for murder with premeditation, robbery and body mutilation.

Sam Tolédano and Vicky Benchetrit, two Moroccan Jewish citizens, were killed in their home in Casablanca in July 2016. The culprit quickly proved to be their gardener who was addicted to gambling, was confronted with financial difficulties and was put out of his rental house.

The gardener has the man first killed before the woman to attack. Jewelry and money from the House after he had collected together, he cut the bodies into pieces and spread it over various places in Casablanca.