Corrupt judge jailed in prison Manikandan

The judge who was caught red-handed while he may 24 a corruption deal closed yesterday in Rabat, is officially indicted and jailed in the prison in Casablanca Manikandan.

After a complaint from a citizen at the Ministry of Justice explained to the authorities an ambush for the right with marked banknotes. The citizen had already 5000 dirham bribe paid as a deposit and would again pay 5000 dirham on the right. In Exchange for the 10,000 dirham would reduce the alimony the Court that the man had to pay.

Aware of this case gave King the Advocate General at the Court of appeal in Rabat the green light for the necessary measures. The judge was then trapped and caught in the Act while he took this bribe.

The judge was already heard on the spot but then appeared in freedom for the Court, this was possible by its exceptional position as a judge. A judge remains at large because that according to the law of the so-called determination of jurisdiction-exception can enjoy, a right which each judge an immunity offers up his presentation for the examining magistrate.

The right is now officially prosecuted in accordance with the provisions of article 226 of the criminal procedure and the Penal Code. "An investigating judge Wednesday decided to the judge in pre-trial detention in the prison, Manikandan after he had informed him of the charges against him," according to judicial sources.

Soon after the incident, it was announced in the media that the Mechqaqa went right to R, one of the most well-known judges in Morocco. It is also striking that right a column in the daily newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum kept, in which he gave lessons on ethics to his colleagues.