More than 100,000 prisoners in Moroccan prisons overcrowding threatens, 2016

The numbers do not lie, the capacity of the Moroccan prison system is becoming more of an issue.

On the basis of figures and reports from the national judicial prison Office of Akhbar Al Yaoum Morocco, the Moroccan media reports that a population explosion of the institutions threatens. The last years showed already a huge growth in the number of prisoners, the last calendar year reached this the height of no less than 106,365, this while there is a capacity for only 80,000 prisoners in the different institutions. Important in this is that not all prisoners long trapped, for much of this number, there was only one arrest.

One of the managers at the national judicial office are concerned about this trend. Opposite Akhbar Al Yaoum Mohamed Salem Tamek says the following about the question: ' when capacity is reached, the guarantee of the safety, dignity and quality of the institutions at risk. Also it is difficult to reduce the number of repeat offenders, because we will no longer be able certain programs and courses to the detainees. "

From the report is clear that one currently busy is for that to increase capacity. Projects for new settings in Nador, Smara, Tangier and Berkane are on the schedule. Known is also another 5 in the near future to realize other prisons, names of cities as Tan Tan and Oujda are hereby called.