Carbonated drinks becoming less popular in Morocco, consumer chooses more aware

Let their soft drink stand, Moroccans and more often in its place now come mineral water, juices or the well-known glass of Moroccan tea!

Just like that in Europe now, to a lesser extent, the case, seems to be the trend to shift to Morocco. This reports the Moroccan L'Economiste medium based on a short-lived research, the popularity of carbonated drinks would have decreased in the last period. This is according to the medium by the change of the living pattern of many consumers, nowadays much more aware. As a result, they leave more often their glass or bottle of Fanta, Sprite or Coca Cola stand and mineral water, juices or dairy drinks instead.

Compared to neighbouring countries such as Algeria is also significantly less per inhabitant of this kind of beverages drunk. The roll-call in Algeria where consumption per year about 30 litres, this is in Morocco only between 18 and 20 litres per person. Market leader in this part of the market is Coca Cola a few different brands operates, it shares for about 83% of total turnover. At the drinks giant has also become the realization has grown that Moroccans long no longer drink as many soft drinks as they used to. This one tries to play through to adjust, especially made for ' and other beverages brands that were in demand. It is expected that by those acquisitions will increase by about 5% market share.

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