Zafzafi's mother calls King Mohammed VI to release her son (video)

The mother of Nasser Z, the arrested protest leader from Al Hoceima, calls in a video " our only King King Mohammed VI, ", on her son's release.

In a video published by H24info tells the mother about her grief and the arrest of her son. The mother denies that her unemployed son has received foreign money to the protests. She tells that people protest by the serious economic and social situation in which they live, and added that all her four children are unemployed.

"We are poor. We have nothing to live. How do you expect an unemployed son reacts when he's not food or medicine for his sick mother can buy? "

The mother calls on King Mohammed VI for the release of her son and adds that Z always has expressed its support for the monarch.

"He said we would find no better King than he", she explains and underlines that they have nothing but respect for the King.

The video is here, this is Darija spoken and subtitled in French is:

[video = youtube; Nf5xW5CiPsM] v = Nf5xW5CiPsM [/video]

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