The world's longest conveyor is located in South-Morocco

The more than 98 km long conveyor belt that the phosphate mines of Bou Craa to the port city of Laayoune transports, can be seen from space.

The conveyor belt can move 2000 tons of phosphate per hour, making the annual production of Bou Craa about 3 million tonnes, reports Moroccoworldnews.

Spanish officials discovered in 1947 the phosphate in this region, which they, after calculation by geologists, as many as 1.7 billion tonnes of ore.

The mining industry in the region began in 1972 and now bears to 10 percent of Morocco's phosphate production, but this is not always without problems.

The Polisario has in the past damage to the conveyor belt to destroy this intentionally inflicted by, making it briefly fell. This eventually stopped after 80 years in the the Moroccan wall to the city was built.

The conveyor belt is the longest of its kind in the world. Through the open desert location where it was built, the wind sometimes that phosphate of the belt is blown. This creates a white stripe, which is visible from the air.

conveyor belt