Recipe tips: stuffed dates and date balls

Dates are a non indispensable food on the ramadan table, it is a healthy sweet treat.

We have listed some ideas to with dates to vary and there with an easy (and sometimes unhealthy) touch a true delicacy out of it.

Take dates, cut the top and in the length by. After that you can fill them:-Sliced goat cheese into small strips the size of the date and enter the date this, put a piece of walnut.
-Take half a teaspoon of flax seed and fill them with this.
-Fill them with cream cheese (cream cheese is very tasty)
-Fill them with mascarpone and walnut.
-Fill them with almonds or with Walnut
-warm white, milk or dark chocolate au Bain-Marie, poke the pitted dates in a fork and baptism they are completely in the warm chocolate, let them cool down.

-Puree the soft dates with a fork and turn there then scoops of with your hand, from 1 date is 1 ball. Place in a small sign coconut, turn there is now the date balls through and place them in a plate.

-Create date balls as indicated above and replace the coconut by cinnamon or cocoa and roll them through it.

-Create date balls, dip them in honey and then roll them gently through ground almonds.

-100 grams pitted dates Times with 50 grams ground walnuts, add 2 tablespoons cocoa through it and 1 tablespoon honey. If everything together ground is, you make 8 small balls of you being sued by coconut rolls.

Tasty food, besaha!