El Othmani: Government will meet protesters, stability is important

The head of the Government Saad Eddine El Othman has finally broken its silence on the ongoing protests in the city of Al Hoceima and related areas in the Rif region.

During the weekly Government Council on Thursday El Othmani said that "the issue of Al Hoceima always on the agenda of the Government", and added that the emphasis is on tracking the development projects in the region.

"The ministers are there gone to monitor the realisation of the previously launched projects. Some walk behind schedule; others run according to the time frame. These projects are strategic. The construction of a hospital doesn't happen in one night, "he said.

El Othmani promised as soon as possible and to meet the demands of protesters, reports Moroccoworldnews.

"I'm an urgent request to the ministers whose departments are responsible for projects in the region, whether it's housing, health, transport, agriculture and sea fishing to follow these projects efficiently," said El Ohmani. "It's important to respond positively to the demands of the citizens in the country where they are, especially in the city of Al Hoceima. That is the main task of the Government ".On the other hand, the head of the Government emphasized the importance of "protecting public and private property and the security and stability of the country"."It is essential that we preserve the safety of our country, because this is something where everyone will benefit," he said.

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