Umrah: pilgrims ripped off by travel agency in Rabat

A new case of scam involving more than 40 pilgrims were ripped off by the owner of a travel agency in Rabat.

The man promised them, for large sums of money, composite packages for this spiritual journey, before he disappeared off the face of the Earth.

The newspaper Assabah today reports that the owner 50% to 70% of the total amount that each pilgrim would have to pay for the Umrah, could gather. In Exchange for the payments were offered the customers a piece of paper without a letterhead or signature.

The man made sure he spread his appointments by the week, to meet customers for or in his travel agency to avoid. Until last Monday, when a group of lit customers for the close doors of the travel agency.

The newspaper mentioned that family problems the cause of the bankruptcy of the owner of the travel agency and that he would have left the country. They add that the police in Rabat has opened an investigation into this matter.

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