Pentagon: ' buy Moroccan air force F16-lasers in at American company '

The Moroccan air force (FAR) don't buy at the slightest supplier in: the global market leader in the field of defence equipment.

Morocco's defence device and number of Gulf States has recently signed a hefty order at the number one supplier for Defense, the American Lockheed Martin. There would be 200 million dollars allegedly for are purchased, so let the Pentagon know through her official channels. The Moroccan air force FAR has advanced lasers purchased for its fleet-F16 fighter jets.

These lasers serve as additional security means when the fighter plane to the ground. Also it functions to help focus on targets. In a brief press release stresses Lockheed Martin the importance of these lasers, particularly the visual aspect of this laser would be decisive.

In 2013 was the F16 warplane flew there at that time, still the most common, worldwide 2309 around. At the time, this was 15% of the total global number of combat aircraft.

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