Van rides in on pedestrians London Bridge

On the London Bridge in London has a serious incident occurred Saturday night.

According to the BBC is a delivery truck drove at high speed on pedestrians on the bridge. An eyewitness said that five to six people were hit.

Various British media reported based on eyewitnesses that during the incident people were attacked with knives. A local resident, an ex-soldier, told Sky News that also firmly was shot. An employee of the BBC said that several witnesses had seen at least three people injured on the ground.

The police in London after the incident on London Bridge hunting three suspects, who may be armed, reports the BBC. Police said that various units after reporting were ripped out. They exhorted people via Twitter, move away.

The police reported after the incident on the bridge also an occurrence on the nearby Borough Market.

The transport company of London said that the nearby underground station was closed on the orders of the police.

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