Peter r. de Vries is not waking up to threats

The many threats against Peter r. de Vries do little more with the crime reporter.

He need on tv but a wrong note or mailbox flows are full again. "then I am a traitor, opsodemieteren, itself a Loes Luca, should I go to Africa, I earn the bullet, the noose, they want to share and celebrate me keel, so on. "

All those mails Peter do nothing more. "No, that really makes me no flicker out. I also do not report by, go there really is no time to spend, "he says Saturday in AD Magazine. "I have registered Against Hamdan. There are also many things that the general public do not know. In addition to Hamdan, there are three or four people I have long-term burden. That I frequent in contact with the police, to this day. That is a common thread in my life. "

Still scares Peter will ' of the embittered aggression "from an anonymous threatening mail. "Those are people I don't know, I've never met. Which I also don't personally have addressed. But who then respond with a charge, that's not normal. You so that you can let it go against someone on tv says something about Zwarte Piet, Geert Wilders, or whatever. "

As crime reporter must, however, finds Peter. "If I can't stand there, should I go to work at the Dragonfly. At the moment I would say: I pull it, the following applies: if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. "

That moment has never been close, says Peter. "Because that is not in me, to be there for to yield."

peter r. de vries
crime journalist