Body found in Bunschoten

In Bunschoten is a body found Sunday afternoon. The police are doing research.

In the village is a large private search started Sunday to the missing Savannah. The 14-year-old girl is last seen Thursday. Hundreds of people have scoured the area.

The body is found at the industrial estate on the outskirts of the twists, Bunschoten. According to the police is not the mortal remains discovered by volunteers who entered the search. A passerby discovered the body and has retired the police in.

The area around the Squiggles is cordoned off. The police research has scaled up. The technical investigation has arrived and there is a helicopter deployed to images from the air. A spokesman could not say how long it will take before there is clarity about the identity of the victim.

In Achterveld, about 20 kilometers from Bunschoten, was Friday a 14-year-old girl found dead in the water. She is murdered. According to the police there was no connection with the loss of Savannah. People in Bunschoten made themselves, however, very concerned and decided therefore to start a search for Savannah.

According to the promoters came there Sunday some seven hundred people from all over the country help. According to a coordinator of the search was the defeat big when the news about the found body was known. "It is not yet clear to whom it goes, but this is a small close-knit community. There is a lot of emotion, fear, surprise and sadness. "