Kijktip: ' 2Doc: Last One in Aleppo '

After five years of war, the remaining residents of Aleppo getting ready to to be besieged.

By the eyes of the volunteers of the White Helmets tells this breathtaking documentary about daily life, the death and the battle for the streets a liveable place. Last One in Aleppo was on Sundance Film Festival awarded 2017 the Grand Jury Prize for Best World Cinema Documentary.

Khalid, Subhi and Mahmoud are the founders of the White Helmets and are the first to enter destroyed buildings and by the debris searching for bodies or a sign of life. The joy is great as the manage to save entire families, but of course they fail here not always in. Many lives, including those of small children, will be lost during the bombing.

They have decided to remain in Aleppo to assist people at the time of what seems an endless siege. Director Feyyad follows Nasser Khalid and his colleagues and outlines the impossible dilemma where they stand for. They should stay and risk their lives or should they just like so many try to save themselves and their family?

went into January 2017 at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival premiered and was There awarded the Grand Jury Prize for Best World Cinema Documentary. The VPRO, the documentary partly funded.

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