Writer Juan Goytisolo (86) died in Marrakech

The winning Spanish writer Juan Goytisolo is Sunday died in his hometown of Marrakech in Morocco. He was 86 years.

Born in a wealthy family in Barcelona Goytisolo gold for years as a candidate for the Nobel Prize. In 2014, he was awarded the prestigious Cervantes Prize in its homeland. According to the jury President, he represented the top of the Spanish literature, especially in the era after the second world war.

The Catalan shuttled between the Western and the Arab world. He grew up in Barcelona and went as Avid opponent of the regime of Francisco Franco in 1956 in self-imposed exile in Paris. In Spain was his work from 1963 until the death of the dictator in 1975 prohibited.

Among the best known works of Goytisolo belong beside mourning in paradise, the trilogy the identity, the revenge of don Julián and Juan sin tierra (John of England). In his books was counting the writer with the backwardness of Spanish society during the dictatorship, but in his later works he also spared the modern Spain.

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