Students covers high school in FES after exam (video)

Students of the Ibn Hani high school in FES regional baccalaureate mathematics exam found it too difficult and the regulators too strict.

The video was posted yesterday on and quickly became widely spread via social media. The images were by the students self contained, who decided to revolt against the school administration because they let them spy on the regional baccalaureate mathematics exam, that they also "too difficult". The additional monitoring is a method of the latest anti-fraud strategy that was introduced this year.

The students tore down several facilities of the school, of doors and Windows to the chairs and bureaux of the classrooms. Even the small gardens in the school could not escape their wrath, the plants were verstampt and the pots of the garden were broken.

The police in Fez eventually handle in to restore order in the school and some students who were involved in arresting vandalism.

[video = youtube; XbQ62r5uJ2I] v = XbQ62r5uJ2I [/video]