Spotlight: ' Rabbani has been around since Africa Cup about to 2022 renewed contract '

Al Massae helped this rumor in the world, the keuzeheer of the Lions v/d Atlas would have extended his contract against all odds.

According to the usually well-informed Moroccan daily Al Massae would coach Hervé Renard for quite some time have an extended employment with the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF. The contract which binds to the bond would be after the last African Cup in Gabon have been extended, something the Moroccan Football Federation wanted to keep secret. Al Massae also reports that there is a clause in the employment is included what determines that there is no need to be too high lump-sum paid if one wants of the Frenchman.

Even before the preparation for the African Cup began rumbled the on all sides around Renard's status in Morocco. Various sources reported that the two-time African Cup winner came to the Ziyech issue to force a break at Morocco. Other media sources reported about interest from several other football associations and clubs, a single medium reported that the national coach in question would have submitted his resignation to President Faouzi Lekjaa. Something with this post of Al Massae opposite total plucked out of the air. Up to now, the bond on still no way an official communication on the State of affairs around their head coach.

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