Sylvana Simons change party name must

The name of the political party article 1 of Sylvana Simons must be changed within a month.

That the rechtbank Amsterdam Tuesday. The name is too similar to that of kenniscentrum discrimination Art. 1.

According to the Court, the similar names for confusion about the independent position of the Knowledge Centre Art. 1.

Simons did with her party Article 1 the contest but no seat in the House of representatives. Also at this political party is addressing discrimination one of the spearheads.

If the party has not yet amended its name in a month, then a penalty be paid 1000 euro's per day with a maximum of 20,000 euros. Also, there should be about one week on the party website a text with the announcement of the name change.

The Court recognises that the ruling has major consequences for the party. Yet weighs this according to court not on against infringement which is made on the trade mark right by the Foundation Centre for discrimination (SED), where the Knowledge Centre Art 1. part of this.

article 1