Muslims, Jews and Christians in Casablanca gather for a joint Iftar

For the fifth time in a row in Morocco Muslims broke their lent day along with Jewish and Christian compatriots.

One of the countries where a pluralist society with multiple religions be fine thrives is again last Sunday in Casablanca Morocco, as it turned out. For the fifth time in a row, a joint Iftar, the initiative came once again enjoyed by l'Association Marocains Pluriels. A movement which is committed to strengthening the mutual tolerance, peace and tolerance in Morocco.

In addition to the festive meal on the occasion of the Holy fasting month of Ramadan was the opportunity for the clergymen of all three religions to dialogue with each other. There were jointly made several pleas for the benefit of stability and peace within Morocco. Of each faith group there were some among other artists and well-known Moroccan individuals present.

This evening was made possible by the Board of the Olympic Stadium of Casablanca.