Top police boss Ha declares war on corruption in the traffic

HA is aimed at both the givers as the members of the bribe.

Morocco has corruption on several levels and in multiple circles in her grip. Similarly in traffic, known is that every year as many as 2% of GDP is lost as a result of that corruptieve acts, the total amount of 20 billion dirham does the severity of the case. A point where the highest boss of the police organization, Abdellatif Ha, uncompromising. As it turned out once again during a recent ruling that he did, quoted by the Moroccan Assabah medium.

HA calls every employee and citizen on take action when he/she has the presumption of a corruptieve Act. According to the police boss is one of the most effective means in the fight against this common phenomenon. From above, there is already quite a lot done to corruption, however it is necessary that one also in local and regional circles to put a stop to it.

Is well known that in addition to the health and education sectors the security task most by corruption permeated government agencies.

abdellatif ha